Around the World with 80 Artists

Around the World with 80 Artists: DIY Projects from Around the Globe

I was delighted to be asked to participate in this project by Mahe Zehra Hussein. It was an incredible opportunity to bring international cooperation and creativity to an increasingly uneasy world! 80 artists from 22 different countries contributed projects to this unique book. There are over 250 pages full of step by step projects for crafters and artists of all levels and interests, from beginner to advanced. It is a great example of how our love of creativity joins us all together!

®There is something for everyone in this book: cut and create projects, coloring pages, mixed media projects, lettering tutorials, watercolor play, ink techniques, origami, card making, scrapbooking, jewelry making, drawing tutorials, Zentangle®, mandalas, mini book projects, paper crafting and so much more!

20% of the proceeds from this book will go to The Malala Fund.

Buy the book on the website. Or you can buy it on

Around the World with 80 Artists

The cost is the same either way. Visit the website for free downloads of templates and printables from the book!!

$37 plus $3.99 shipping plus tax

I believe that each of us can make positive changes in our world with seemingly small steps. A friendly smile, a kind word, holding a door for someone, acknowledging the value of a positive action, all of these things give a small lift to someone else’s day, as well as your own.

I have noticed a definite increase in our town of people being polite and friendly to one another in public. What positive changes have you seen lately? What are some of the things that you do to make your world a friendlier place?