My name is Patt Bell. I want to learn something new every day, and I do! Sometimes it’s just something small that I learn by accident, but I am always curious willing to try something new! I work in a wide range of media including (but not limited to): paint, clay, jewelry, paper, calligraphy, DIY and basic crafts.

I have a strong interest and love of international painting and crafts. We lived in Germany for two years and I taught students from the international community there. Taught classes for children and instructors in Mumbai, India. Studied under German, Austrian, Dutch, British and Russian teachers in their native countries. I love to travel!

I have always loved working with my hands, and started making projects as a child at my Grandmother’s knee. Her enthusiastic encouragement led to a life long love affair with a wide variety of crafts! I love to share this enthusiasm with others through my designs and teaching.

I live in New York state with my husband, Jack, who is also my live in tech support! I especially enjoy spending time with my family and friends and find it a particular delight when we can craft together!